Asking a stranger for their picture – Survey

Earlier today we asked 11,880 people a simple question – ‘How would you react if you were approached by a stranger asking for a couple minutes of your time?’ Of course we know how an amateur photographer feels about approaching the ‘subject’, even the most experienced professionals would sometimes struggle to find the right way to engage. Our survey is loaded with optimism, exactly 61.5% of respondents said that if prompted, they would gladly accept the opportunity. This is fantastic feedback and we believe this is not just because of the time spent in isolation during Covid. To fellow photographers – be brave, remain polite. 

Check out this video below – Professional American photographer John Free has offered up his extremely valuable advice and wisdom to photographers on overcoming the fear of taking candid photos of people on the street, and how to approach the situation with enthusiasm and confidence.
It’s a must watch for all budding photographers: